“We are also waiting for a firmer diplomatic posture,” reacts the vice-president of Médecins du monde

During the night from Thursday to Friday, France and Jordan dropped seven tons of humanitarian and health aid on the Gaza Strip.


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Smoke rises from Khan Younes, south of the Gaza Strip on January 6, 2024. (- / AFP)

“It’s good to do humanitarian work when you are a State, but we are also waiting for a firmer diplomatic posture to condemn this situation” in the Gaza Strip, reacts Saturday January 6 on France Inter Jean-François Corty, vice-president of Médecins du monde. France and Jordan have dropped seven tonnes of humanitarian and health aid on the Gaza Strip. The drop operation was carried out during the night from Thursday to Friday by two C-130s, military transport planes, one French and the other Jordanian, said the Elysée.

Jean-François Corty believes that this method of operation, by air, is not necessarily an alternative to humanitarian trucks which struggle to cross the border between Egypt and Gaza since “in all cases, whether by air, sea or land, authorizations are required to break the blockade.” He welcomes this initiative. “This aid is welcome in a context where the needs are immense”. The vice-president warns in particular of the increasing risk of famine. “The situation is catastrophic”he insists.

Do not depoliticize the situation

So, “we can rejoice at the airdrop of aid from France and Jordan but we expect the French state, the Americans, not to depoliticize this situation”. In other words, Jean-François Corty explains that “humanitarian aid must not be a screen”that “States like France”must not hide behind this aid “not to denounce” the situation in Gaza, not to explain “why this help is necessary”. However, he continues, “this aid is necessary because there is a massive blockade, because there are indiscriminate bombings by the Israeli army which are causing many deaths”.

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