Shy’m and tennis player Benoît Paire together again? Reunion at the children’s park!

A love that never stopped? For two years, from 2015 to 2017, the tennis player Benoît Paire

and the singer Shy’m

had a beautiful romance. Although it only lasted two years, neither of them regrets this story even if it is now part of the past… although. Indeed, this Monday, October 2, 2023, the 37-year-old singer raised some questions from her fans. The fault lies in a series of photos shared in which she appears very complicit… with her ex-partner.

Nothing very surprising when we know that between the two, despite the breakup, good understanding reigns. The French tennis player also assured this in the preface to the book Out! Released September 10, 2020. “In my personal life, I have never been more fulfilled than when I was with my ex”he wrote in particular before admitting that he never really succeeded in turning the page on this story: “When I love, I give so much that I’m not focused enough on my career. […] The breakup destroyed me, I was still in love. I missed her a lot, I thought of her while playing. To be honest, I still miss her. I had never been in love this much. Three years later, I am still able to speak about her with emotion.”.

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Shy’m and Benoît Paire, still as accomplices

The photos shared by Shy’m this Monday prove the words of Benoît Paire. The two continue to hang out and have a good time. It remains to be seen whether it is a simple friendship or more. In any case, the duo appears complicit in the photos posted by the 37-year-old singer on Instagram.

In the carousel revealed to his community, we can discover the interpreter of Woman of color and, on several occasions, Benoît Paire. The latter even commented on the publication to make it clear that everything is going very well between them. “UNTON BEN”he wrote before the singer replied: “It’s over, you chased away the dragons.” “Luckily you chased away the last ones, I didn’t make it”the athlete then replied, without really knowing which dragons he was referring to.


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