Large families: Hecatomb of sick people in a clan, “my children are dropping like flies…”

For only a few weeks, viewers have been able to follow the extraordinary adventures of Orgeval in Large families, life in XXL on TF1. There are the parents Louisa (36 years old, vocational high school teacher) and Kevin (37 years old, paramedic at the SMUR) and their six children: Mano, 14 years old, Swann, 13 years old, Mia, 10 years old, Loucio, 8 years old, Oscar, 5 years old, and Noée, 17 months.

While the couple’s daily life is already busy and colorful, a major difficulty has just been added. Indeed, Monday February 28, 2022, Louise Orgeval took to her Instagram account to announce that almost all of her family was fell ill. “My children are dropping like flies…“, she let go in the face of the carnage. Only two of them seem to resist contamination, namely Mano and Oscar, as well as his companion Kevin. The young Loucio is on the contrary going to the worst and has temperature reaches 39°C. No question then for the mother to send him, him or his brothers and sisters, to school! Louise clarified that it was the Covid-19 which had invited itself into her home. “I will take care of my patients!“, she promised, still keeping a smile.

The situation is still very restrictive. Especially when it comes to the youngest in the family, Noah. Although he is doing well, the toddler with trisomy 21 is unable to undergo his next operation, which has been canceled. No information on the type of operation has been shared but it is known that children with this syndrome often have heart, gastrointestinal, auditory or visual problems.

Since their first appearance in Large families but also on social networks, Noah’s parents have always been without taboo on the handicap of their daughter, adopted in 2020 at the age of three months. “We want to share our experience, our somewhat extraordinary life. It is important for us to show that life with a disability can be fun and fun. (…) Our life is great. We want to show this positive side of our life and disability“, had confided Louise for Entertainment TV.

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