Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine soon ousted from “C à Vous”? His response which leaves no room for doubt

“This is not a position for life”. Near Satellifacts, Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine

demonstrated lucidity. Aware that hosting a talk show daily cannot last forever. By recognizing him, the presenter of C to you only fuels the rumors of a possible departure from the daily which have been proliferating for several months and the declarations of Pierre-Antoine Capton. In fact, the producer of the show France 5 mentioned these rumors during an interview for West France last October.

At that time, the president of Mediawan reaffirmed his “full support” has Anne-Élisabeth Lemoine

: “I am very happy that she is here and as long as she wants it, she will keep the presentation of C to you”. However, despite his promise, Pierre-Antoine Capton still admitted: “Afterwards, we must always anticipate and prepare for the future. We bring in new personalities, like Aurélie Casse who makes C’ L’hebdo”.

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Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine, determined to stay on “C à Vous”

Forecasts that completely understand Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine. “Pierre-Antoine Capton is right to prepare for the future. I don’t know which producer could say the opposite”she admitted to Satellifacts before specifying: “Aurélie Casse was not hired to replace me, she was hired to present C l’hebdo in place of Ali Baddou. She works with me on good terms. I wish him the best in public service where I feel very good at the head of C to you.

Regarding her position which she has held since 2017, she claims to have worked for three years with Anne-Sophie Lapix “. And the journalist’s post left on France 2 was only offered to him at the start: “At no time was there any conspiracy or scheme. I hope I was valuable to him as Aurélie Casse is to me”. Nevertheless, Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine se prepare every day for the fact that it may no longer work”. Personally, a departure from everyday life is not in the cards.


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