after five years of absence, Laurent Delahousse chosen to talk about his new life

The fabulous destiny of Amélie Poulain, A long engagement Sundayor Da Vinci Code. We can no longer count the successful films in which Audrey Tautou

played the leading roles. However, since 2018, she has decided to take a step back and withdraw. A sign of the end of your career? No way ! Indeed, the 47-year-old actress reassured her fans in October 2023 when she confided in The Obs.

During the interview, the actress who decided to adopt returned to her long absence and wanted to clarify things. “I never said that I was stopping this profession for good, I never thought about it. People said it for me”she assured before specifying: “I allowed myself to do something else. I wanted to take the time and have my freedom of mind to devote myself to my personal projects”.

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Audrey Tautou said “yes” to Laurent Delahousse

Among his personal projects, the animated filmNina and the Hedgehog’s Secretreleased in theaters on October 11, 2023 in which she lends her voice. This is her first “return” to the world of cinema since 2018. However, Audrey Tautou will once again appear in front of the public from January 19 to 25, 2024 at La Seine Musicale for the showCharlottebased on the work of Charlotte Salomon and the novel Charlotte by David Foenkinos.

She will have the chance to talk about this project in a few days. Sunday December 10, 2023 to be precise. Indeed, this Friday, December 8, the journalist fromAllocinated Brigitte Baronnet has
announced on X

that Laurent Delahousse was going to receive Audrey Tautou In 8:30 p.m. Sunday on France 2. “The return of Audrey Tautou. After a 5-year break, she returns to the stage, appearing at La Seine Musicale from January 19 to 25 in a show called Charlotte directed by Jérémie Lippmann.she indicated before specifying that Laurent Delahousse was going to have the chance to receive it.


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