Afghanistan: the Taliban have multiplied bans since their return to power



France 2

Article written by

D.Olliéric, E.Delevoye, H.Horoks, M.Behboudi – France 2

France Televisions

A year ago, the Taliban regained control of Kabul. Today, many residents live in fear and women’s rights have been violently regressed. In their own way, some resist.

Every time he leaves his house, Ahmad is tense, very nervous. He worked as a plumber in the French military camp, but was not evacuated as he went with his family to the airport. He now says he is threatened. “The Taliban have been there for almost a year, and I’ve been trying to flee the country for a year“. At his house, there are 13 of them trying to survive, and jump as soon as the door slams. The fathers of families no longer work for fear of going out, and women are forbidden to have a job.

A ban that continues for girls: Ahmad, like his entire generation, can no longer go to school. Secondary school is now prohibited. “There’s no future for girls here“, she notes. The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, as it calls itself, also obliges women to wear the burka and the full veil.

Sports, work and outings unaccompanied by a family member are prohibited. So, a clandestine life develops, including fitness classes for girls who refuse the dictates of the Taliban. Going out also means resisting: Choukria has not given up on her look, which has earned her intimidation and physical violence from the Taliban.

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