“When will the right time be? When there will be no more Palestinian people?”, castigates Manon Aubry

The head of the list of La France insoumise in the European elections urges the European Union to take sanctions against the Israeli government.


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Manon Aubry, head of the list of La France insoumise in the European elections, May 30, 2024 on France Inter.  (FRANCE INTER / RADIO FRANCE)

“When will the right time be” to recognize the State of Palestine, questions Thursday, May 30 on France Inter Manon Aubry, head of the list of La France insoumise in the European elections. She assures that “François Hollande, Jacques Chirac, Emmanuel Macron had to do it” but that “no one did it.”

Tuesday, Emmanuel Macron maintained that this recognition should take place “at a useful time” and not under the influence of “emotion”. The LFI MEP therefore calls on the French president on Thursday to find out “When [sera] the good moment” : “When will there be no more Palestinian people? When will they all have been killed by Israeli bombs? When will they all have fled? When will they no longer have a state?” she castigates.

The rebellious elected official denounces the behavior of the Israeli Prime Minister and his government. She thus accuses him of“starve the population, [de] indiscriminately killing civilians, [de] deprive them of water, medicine, food, humanitarian aid, [de] make them flee to the south of the enclave then [de] bomb them in Rafah. “You think it’s not a monstrosity?” she says. Manon Aubry considers that we “can’t watch a massacre in the open without doing anything.” “We do not have international law with variable geometry: a Palestinian life is worth an Israeli life and is worth a Ukrainian life,” she assures.

Faced with this situation, Manon Aubry “regrets having been so alone, including in the European Parliament, in calling for sanctions against the government of Benjamin Netanyahu”. She therefore calls on other MEPs, urging them to “use the levers” that exist in the European Union. The head of the LFI list in the European elections insists that his party has not “diverted our gaze to the ongoing genocide in the Gaza Strip.” “We have consistently advocated not only for a ceasefire, but [aussi] an embargo on the shipment of arms, the suspension of the association agreement between the European Union and Israel, the recognition of the State of Palestine”, she adds.

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