what the “Star Academy” coach thought of her discomfort

It was after 11 p.m. when
Camille Combal announced
this Friday April 5 on TF1, that Inès Reg would no longer return to the floor of Dancing with the Stars on TF1. Victim of a “little discomfort“, the comedian was unable, that evening, to continue the competition and participate in the last event against Adeline Toniutt i and Natasha St-Pier with whom the atmosphere is still not good. A crucial test since it took the loser straight towards elimination. Finally, it is therefore
Adeline Toniutti and her partner Adrien Caby who were pushed out
. A departure commented on by the Star Academy coach on the air of South Radio this Monday, April 8.

At the question :Has Inès Reg’s discomfort changed the situation?the former opera singer, also injured in the shoulder, did not mince her words: “I was sick. Anyway, you know me, if I’m injured I’m going to go whatever it takes, whatever happens.” I really should be arrested so that I don’t go” she commented before adding “I was in pain all evening. I fought on this jive. My rib was out of place, it hurt a lot“. Absolutely not thinking of being eliminated on this bonus, Does the pretty redhead make Inès Reg responsible and would she have been eliminated without her hasty departure? “Only god knows. The poor thing wasn’t well, she felt unwell. De facto, when there is an external event like that it changes the game, that’s for sure.” she concluded.

How is Inès Reg?

While some Internet users cried conspiracy following the discomfort of
Inès Reg suspecting her of wanting to escape elimination, his partner Christophe Licata immediately took to his defense. “Who cares, it’s fake, open your eyes a little” said an Internet user on social networks. To which his dance partner quickly responded: “How can we manage to spread so much nastiness? Were you there?”. This Monday, April 8, the blogger Aqababe gave news of the comedian and actress: I heard from his loved ones. It’s better”. It remains to be seen whether or not she will participate in the next prime, on Friday April 12.

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