“We drank hotties”, Britney Spears opens up about her mother and her alcohol consumption as a teenager

The woman in me : this is the title given with explosive memories that diva Britney Spears is about to publish, in the United States and in France, on October 24. In the latter, the 41-year-old American singer looks back on the complex relationships she maintains with her parents, on her slow and long descent into hell, on her years of guardianship which ended a few months ago, on her relationship to drugs or even on her romantic adventures, notably with Justin Timberlake, where she revealed for the first time having been forced by the latter to have an abortionwhen she was pregnant with him around twenty years ago.

In this work, Britney Spears uncompromisingly returns to her relationship with alcohol, which started very early, as a teenager; his father, an alcoholic in his words, fell into melancholy and darkness whenever he was prey to intoxication: “When my father drank, he became even more depressed and withdrawn”. But above all, Britney Spears reveals that she started drinking at the age of 13 to please her mother, and to share moments of complicity with her: “The way we drank had nothing to do with my father’s” confides the American star who acquired international notoriety at the age of 16.

“I loved drinking with her.”

And he continues, revealing that he went to pubs with his mother, consuming numerous rum-based drinks: “When I was in 8th grade, my mother and I made the two-hour drive from Kentwood to Biloxi, Mississippi, and we were drinking daiquiris. We called them grogs.” With tenderness and without any bitterness, Britney Spears looks back on this era of which she only has good memories, remembering how she tried“to imitate one’s mother”to get closer to her.

“I loved drinking with her from time to time. The way we drank had nothing to do with my father. When he drank, he became even more depressed. We became happier, more alive, more adventurous continued the young woman, who, although unhappy that her mother supported her father throughout the time she was under his guardianship, agreed to reconcile with her last May. Indeed, in his memoirs but also via social networks a few months ago, Britney Spears reveals her mother made a move on her by visiting him unexpectedly; a visit that Britney Spears accepted, and which opened the way to healthy and peaceful discussions.

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