Valérie Bègue mom: she shares a photo of her daughter Jazz, who has become very tall

Thursday October 20 was a big day for Camille Lacourt and Valérie Bègue. Their daughter Jazz was already celebrating his 10 years. A happy event for the 37-year-old former Miss France who did not hesitate to share a photo of her on her social networks.

Indeed, in story Instagram, Valérie Bègue wanted to honor her pre-teen by revealing her during an outing in the streets of Marseille. Jazz appears there from the back, his face as always preserved from the lens. But what is striking is the fact that she has suddenly grew in size. And yes, the little girl is no longer a baby and now has long, slender legs as she proves in her cycling shorts. (See our slideshow). “10 years“, legend with sobriety Valérie Bègue on the picture.

There is nothing very surprising in the end that Jazz becomes large in size. And for good reason, his parents also gained height very quickly. His beauty queen mother today displays an honest 1.74m while the ex-professional swimmer Camille Lacourt can be proud to have reaches 2 meters ! Genes of giants which run in the veins of the adorable Jazz thus.

Recall that Camille Lacourt and Valérie Bègue separated and divorced in 2016, four years after the birth of their daughter. Since then, everyone has rebuilt their lives. The beautiful brunette has been flourishing for at least two years with George Yates, from which it seems inseparable. As for the 37-year-old athlete, he found love again in the person ofAlice Detollenaere and together they even hosted a little boy named Marius (1 year old). Jazz is therefore now part of a blended family and, according to the secrets of his mother-in-law for the show 50 Minute Inside, it is not to displease him. “I get along very well with Jazz and his mothertherefore we have rather a harmonious relationshipall together“, she had assured. She also specified that Jazz was a very invested big sister with Marius: She adores him, gives him the bottle, plays with him. She does everything… except change her nappies, we have to convince her!

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