Ukraine, European political community… The challenges of the European Council in Brussels




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Live from Brussels (Belgium), journalist Julien Gasparutto talks about the issues of the European Council where Emmanuel Macron is going, Thursday, June 23.

The day after his speech, Emmanuel Macron begins, Thursday, June 23, a diplomatic marathon: G7 summit in Germany, then NATO in Madrid (Spain). But before that, the President of the Republic is expected at the European Council in Brussels (Belgium). At the heart of the discussions is the question of Ukraine’s status in the European Union.

First stage

“In all likelihood, the Twenty-Seven will finally officially grant candidate status for membership of the European Union”explains journalist Julien Gasparutto, live from Brussels, referring to “a very strong political signal, a message sent to kyiv and Moscow”. However, “this is only a first step”, warns Julien Gasparutto. Thursday, the Twenty-Seven will also discuss another subject: the creation of a European political community. The goal is to align all the countries that gravitate around the European Union by starting to work with them on concrete projects such as energy.

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