“Too cash”, “clumsy”, “he thinks he is…”, Vianney and his role as coach in “The Voice” questioned by the public!

This Saturday, April 22, 2023, fans of The Voice were able to attend a new session of Battles between the candidates on TF1. A decisive and sometimes cruel test allowing the coaches, Zazie, Vianney, Amel Bent, but also Bigflo and Oli to sort out their team. If the humor is always there, the emotion is growing over the eliminations, a real essential heartbreak which is not without causing big disappointments and a few tears… For the occasion, Vianney has decided to face two of his favorites: Kiona and Maryline Naaman. On the title Last Dance of Indila, the two singers enchanted the public but also the coach himself who did not know which one to choose… “You got yourself a little screwed up my Viavia”he also swung Bigflo, in ironic mode.

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“We’re not trying to find a star at all”

After careful consideration and despite the opinion of his “colleagues” voting for Maryline Naaman, Vianney finally decided to continue the adventure with Kiona. A choice that pulled him… “Maryline I congratulate you, it was a hell of a performance. You become a great actress at the same time as you become a great singer”, he said to the address of the unfortunate rejected candidate. But before announcing the good news to the youngest of the season, Vianney wanted to send him a message that was not to the liking of all internet users: “Yes you are 16, but we will stop talking about it. (…) There is one thing that I absolutely want to tell you on the other hand. Here there is something to be clarified, in this adventure we are not trying at all to find a star. I don’t want stars. I want to make singers and singers. I beg you, you don’t need to shine anymore, to try to shine, don’t try to shine, of course you are already causing something extremely strong. This show is made to reveal potential, but you have to get on the right track” he explained to her, adding: “You will continue to believe in it but we will add a lot of humility because you are a great singer, but you were a little less tall tonight.” An analysis, even a judgment, which went rather badly on the side of the viewers. Between clumsiness and nastiness, some criticize him for his lack of tact and pedagogy when dealing with a teenager, even if, in the end, he would not be wrong: “It’s constructive, but there are other ways of saying things No ?” ; “Vianney very clearly told the 16-year-old not to have the melon too much. He was awkward but if she has no humility at her young age, he is right”; “too cash Vianney”; “Poor thing, it looks like she’s going to court”; “Vianney when choosing a talent we don’t belittle hernot, we encourage him otherwise take the other…”; “Vianney I often find him hard with the talent he keeps, sometimes we even have the impression that he makes this choice a bit by default and reluctantly and it disturbs me I find it violentalready last week with Lummen Nae I believe and there with Kiona”.


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