tobacco-free spaces will soon be more numerous


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Fight against smoking: tobacco-free spaces will soon be more numerous

Fight against smoking: tobacco-free spaces will soon be more numerous – (franceinfo)

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It will become increasingly difficult to find a place where smoking is allowed. The government’s anti-smoking plan was unveiled on Tuesday, November 28, with the program including a twelve-euro package in 2028 and a ban on smoking in public parks as well as near schools.

Perhaps you have already been bothered by a cloud of smoke from your neighbor on the beach, near schools or in parks. At the beginning of 2024, cigarettes will be banned in all these public places. In a park in Lyon, in the Rhône, between two curls of smoke, those first concerned are not convinced. One man says the measure would not encourage him to smoke less. Same echo in Palavas-les-Flots, in Hérault. “Cigarette smoke in a very ventilated place, like the beach, especially for example in the middle of winter, (…) doesn’t bother many people”says a woman.

A not anecdotal measure

The measure is far from being anecdotal for Loïc Josseran, tobacco specialist and president of the Alliance Against Tobacco. “Reducing the space and reducing the areas in which we can smoke shows us that this is not a normal product in our environment. And then the fewer spaces in which we can smoke , the less we smoke and the less we will want to smoke and the possibility of doing so”he says.

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