Threats to elected officials: they ran after them!

The mayor of Gatineau resigns, councilor Alicia Despins denounces a hostile work climate in Quebec City and, just last week, the MP for Lotbinière-Frontenac, Isabelle Lecours, closed her constituency office due to threats .

On the X network, a staggering number of anonymous people rejoice: “They looked for it, they deserved it, no pity.”

X: the quagmire of social networks

Unless they are obliged to do so by specific professional functions, no reasonable person wants to frequent the old Twitter anymore.

Since Elon Musk has been its boss, X has become a den of misogynistic, angry cons, obsessed with health measures and COVID vaccination.

For these users, it is normal for an elected official to be threatened.

Selected extracts

“Elected officials get what they deserve.”

“No elected official who works for the real world has ever been threatened.”

“The overused concept of leftist victimhood is threadbare.”

“lol the 🤡🤡🤡 the people were threatened by the journalists (sic) and the dog policies for 3 years and that’s not important, is it.”

“Threats and harassment may be the lot of elected officials, but to close the office is to collapse. Bad female reaction. In the same situation would you have closed the office? If so, you are a feminized man.” (sic)

These pearls of intellect are offered to you by users who hide under false names and fake photos, usually accompanied by a pirate flag. They welcome the threats sent to elected officials and explain the numerous departures by what they describe as “the weakness of women”.

I’ve been saying it for a long time, there is something sick about these men (99% of comments like this come from “male” accounts).

How did we get there? Are we really going to tolerate this drift for much longer?

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