this famous candidate falls down the stairs with her infant in her arms

Its subscribers may have believed it was a joke on this day dedicated to April Fool’s Day and yet, it was nothing of the sort… Indeed, Laura Larrory was totally serious when she spoke this Monday, April 1, 2024 on her Instagram account.

The candidate for the fifth season of Married at first sight

appeared with an exhausted face in a story, in order to announce the drama that she narrowly avoided. Several months pregnant with her second child, Matthieu’s partner fell down the stairs, with her little daughter Lya in her arms.

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Laure Larrory falls, pregnant, down the stairs

“Completely out of commission today. I have no strength. The day started off badly because I picked up Lya this morning”she initially revealed before adding: “I fell down the stairs with Lya in my arms”. Internet users had no time to worry. Indeed, Laure Larrory wanted to reassure everyone immediately.

More fear than harm. Lya comforted me because she saw that I was not well. I twisted my ankle and foot. Anyway, I was scared for the little baby too because Lya bounced on my stomach. So I don’t know if it’s related but I have zero strength and baby girl hasn’t stopped moving since…”she continued to reassure and prove that her baby is doing very well in her womb despite the emotional and physical shock.

More fear than harm

Mom since August 24, 2021, the young woman announced that the family was going to expand on January 24 through an adorable video published on her Instagram account. A sequence in which the little family has fun in the snow. But by looking at the video more closely, Internet users were immediately able to spot the details announcing the pregnancy of the candidate of Married at first sight


We see little Lya wearing a pink sweatshirt on which “Big Sister” is written as well as hashtags announcing the happy event.

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