the world number one in recycling


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Sweden: the world number one in recycling
Sweden: the world number one in recycling
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The French are not the kings of recycling. In Europe, the champions of selective sorting are the Swedes. They recycle almost all of their waste.

Sweden has turned its waste into a gold mine. The country is the world champion in recycling its garbage. Sweden wants to go even further and has set itself a new objective. The country hopes to reuse 100% of its waste and completely eliminate landfills. To do this, the country is banking on a giant sorting plant called “Site Zero” to improve plastic recycling. The fully automated site can process 200,000 tonnes of waste per year.

An approach anchored in the minds

The culture of recycling is deeply rooted in people’s minds in Sweden. In private homes, all waste is sorted meticulously. The rules are precise, there is no question of mixing waste. Each residential area has a sorting station with, each time, around seven different bins.

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