the Prime Minister’s camp denounces “serious threats and violence”

The day after the election, the European Union deplored the exclusion of 2,900 civil society observers.



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A woman votes in the presidential election in Chad, May 6, 2024, in an office in the capital, N'Djamena.  (JORIS BOLOMEY / AFP)

Was the presidential election in Chad held in good democratic conditions? The Transformers party, to which the Chadian Prime Minister, himself a candidate, belongs, denounced Wednesday May 8 “serious violence and threats” against Success Masra and his supporters, as well as fraud during the counting. Appointed head of government on January 1 by the transitional president and head of the military junta, General Mahamat Idriss Déby Itno, Succès Masra announced at the beginning of March that he was running against him.

The official results are due to be announced on May 21, but Les Transformateurs already estimate that “Chadians voted massively and expressed very clearly their firm desire for change brought by the candidate” Masrah. To support this statement, the party mentions “data compiled by the candidates’ staffs”without further details.

The day after the election, the European Union deplored the exclusion of 2,900 civil society observers, which it considered harmed “transparency” of a presidential election already questioned by the opposition and international NGOs.

The party calls on “the people” to “defend their will expressed at the ballot box”

The Transformers party as well as the Justice and Equality Coalition, which also supports Succès Mascra, also denounced “arbitrary arrests” since Monday’s election. In a statement read on the party’s Facebook page, he cited Wednesday “refusal of access to polling stations” to observe the counting, and “unimaginable violations, including shooting with live ammunition, in order to monopolize ballots and minutes.” Thus, LTransformers call “the people to remain vigilant and mobilized to defend their will expressed at the ballot box.”

The opposition, violently repressed and whose main figures have been ousted from the presidential race, considers Succès Masra as a “traitor“. She believes that her candidacy was intended to give a “democratic varnish“at a poll “played in advance” for Mahamat Idriss Déby Itno.

However, by gathering considerable crowds during his campaign, the Prime Minister ultimately emerged as a rival likely to worry the outgoing president, possibly pushing him to a second round, scheduled for June 22.

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