The Liberal Party of Quebec wants experts to comment on the supervision of athletes in matters of nutrition

Like the Order of Dietitians-Nutritionists of Quebec, the Liberal Party of Quebec (PLQ) is asking the government to look into the nutritional supervision of young amateur athletes. He wants a parliamentary commission to be held so that experts can report on current regulations, expose the dangers faced by adolescents who follow ill-advised advice and propose possible solutions.

The duty reported Wednesday that young athletes take too many vitamin supplements — to the point of exceeding the recommended limit of magnesium per day — or cut out food categories altogether on the recommendation of a trainer, a physical trainer or a person with followed some nutrition training. According to a dietitian-nutritionist, a young competitive hockey player even developed an eating disorder following regular weigh-ins and “a comment from a coach.”

The official opposition submitted a request for an initiative mandate to the Health and Social Services Committee on Thursday. This is signed by three spokespersons: Enrico Ciccone (sports, outdoors and healthy lifestyle habits), Madwa-Nika Cadet (youth) and André Fortin (health).

Liberal elected officials are proposing to hold special consultations during which nutrition, health and sports professionals could express their concerns regarding this issue.

Further details will follow.

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