the immense success of the K-pop wave


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France 2 – L. Hakim, Z. Berkous, T. Gilardet, H. Gasparini, J. Pires

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The Blackpink group is in concert, Saturday July 15, at the Stade de France. One more group that adds to the immense success of a musical style from South Korea: K-pop.

A K-Pop concert is easily recognized by its audience. Manga looks, colored hair, an offbeat look, this Saturday, July 15 on the bill is the group Ikon for their first visit to France. Two women disguised as baguettes await a joyous spectacle. “What marks K-Pop a little is that we are all young and we like to laugh”she admits. A K-Pop concert is also a few rituals, such as having a bright torch that you will have to wave or a banner to the glory of the group.

200 Korean pop bands

Finally, it’s time to see Ikon on stage. Six young Koreans in their twenties, dance and rap champions. The public, mainly female, is in turmoil. Ikon is one of the 200 Korean pop groups. South Korea thus shows its modernity to the whole world through these young ambassadors. “Our influence is also a very big responsibility towards our fans”says one of the members of the Ikon group. K-Pop has its stars, its newspapers, and a whole universe that surrounds it. The know-how is almost industrial.

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