the commander of the Russian fleet in the Black Sea, given for dead by kyiv, present at a meeting, according to Moscow

The Russian Defense Ministry published an image on Tuesday September 26 showing Viktor Sokolov, commander of the Black Sea fleet, participating in a videoconference, even though Ukraine claimed to have killed him. In the photo, the official appears on a large screen, alongside other senior military officials attending a meeting chaired by Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu. A statement, which does not mention the officer’s name, indicates that this meeting took place on Tuesday. Follow our live stream.

American Abrams tanks delivered to kyiv “will burn”. This is what the Kremlin promised on Tuesday, ensuring that their arrival on the battlefield “would not change the balance of power” between the Russian and Ukrainian armies. “Abrams tanks are serious weapons”said the spokesperson for the Russian presidency, Dmitri Peskov. “They will burn too”he however promised the press, echoing Russian President Vladimir Putin’s warning at the time of the delivery of the first Leopard tanks to Ukraine last January.

Ukraine claims to have been attacked by 38 Russian drones. This attack took place during the night from Monday to Tuesday. The Odessa region (south), notably the port of Izmail, is one of the positions hit. While drone attacks between Moscow and Kiev have become daily, the Ukrainian air force specifies, in its daily report published on Telegram, that Ukrainian defenses have destroyed 26 of these Iranian-made devices.

Crimea targeted by kyiv. A missile attack targeted Crimea, authorities installed by Moscow at the head of this Ukrainian peninsula annexed by Russia in 2014 said Monday evening. Russian air defense said it had shot down a missile. The Russian Defense Ministry also claimed that its anti-aircraft defense had neutralized seven Ukrainian drones over the Russian region of Belgorod, which borders Ukrainian territory.

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