strong Russian offensive on the Kharkiv region


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War in Ukraine: strong Russian offensive on the Kharkiv region
War in Ukraine: strong Russian offensive on the Kharkiv region

The Kharkiv region, in Ukraine, is still subject to numerous strikes on Monday May 13. Russian forces are advancing, while some residents of the affected villages are keen to stay at home.

On the Russian border, under a hail of shells, Ukrainian special forces soldiers try to contain the advance of Kremlin soldiers, Monday May 13. “They are targeting us“, alerts a Ukrainian soldier. It is impossible to progress in the shelter of the few trees that separate them from the Russian forces.”We have to go back. Quick, turn around. We are leaving“, urges a Ukrainian soldier. A few kilometers away, an almost deserted road with a few military vehicles is taken to reach Kharkiv. On the side of the road, new defense lines are being built. Trenches to protect the city of Kharkiv , while Russian forces continue their progress.

In one village, many residents fled. Others decided to stay. “My brother left Kharkiv, but I don’t want to leave my house“, explains a resident. Alexandre refuses to stay holed up at home. So, as often, he goes to see a friend at the other end of the village. “My house has just been hit. A bomb fell nearby. Within two minutes, I was dead“, assures the local resident.

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