Pierre Palmade’s ex makes surprising confidences at the dawn of his 75th birthday

In June 2023, Véronique Sanson was in the news because her son Christopher Stills got married. Born from his love story with the famous American musician, Stephen Stills, Christopher married Stacy Stutts, a former journalist with whom he had been in a relationship since 2019. It is more radiant than ever that the 74-year-old singer accompanied his beloved son in front of the altar during the ceremony which took place at Saint-Roch church.

Almost six months after this event, Véronique Sanson speaks in the columns of Gala magazine for an interview to be published this Thursday, December 7, 2023. Nikos Aliagas, who questioned Pierre Palmade’s ex-wife, then asks her if she is “a happy woman.

“I’m in no man’s land. A neutral ground, outside of time. For example, during the wars in the trenches, there was always a no man’s land where no one had the right to enter” answers Véronique Sanson. “I’m not unhappy and I’m not very happy either. I’m up, even if sometimes I struggle!”

Despite everything, the singer who will celebrate her 75th birthday on April 24 will remain motivated by her passion for music. She is also celebrating her birthday on the stage of the Grand Rex in Paris. “What do you want Nikos, I always doubt myself, I feel a real lack of confidence, I’m afraid of not being up to standard, of doing badly, of forgetting the words […] HASbefore setting foot on the stage, I’m shaking so much, you can’t imagine the state I’m in. And everything suddenly disappears. The scene is a miracle.”

And to conclude: “I am so happy to sing in front of an audience who did me the honor of coming for me… It’s so rewarding. It’s the only place where I don’t have pain.”


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