Owners should feel indebted

At the beginning of March, many tenants are looking for apartments with a view to the 1er July. A stressful process that could be made easier.

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The housing crisis is raging almost everywhere in Quebec. It is very difficult, if not almost impossible, to find a clean, not too dated and affordable apartment.

Always the same story…

Having experienced this last year, it is often necessary to spend hours a week on the internet and on social networks to find something.

Even if you manage to get a site visit, it doesn’t always go as planned. I already saw an owner invite around thirty people at the same time to visit her rental property… What a waste of time.

Then, if by some miracle the owner is willing to evaluate our rental request, many people may be discriminated against. I’m thinking of self-employed workers for example, for whom it is more difficult to prove equal inflows of money every two weeks.

Tenants pay the price

I’m a renter myself and seeing all the money my landlord takes from my account every month, I wonder why I feel so indebted to him. Shouldn’t it be the opposite?

Renters are customers paying for a service and should be treated as such. Too often, landlords act as if they are doing the tenant a favor by renting the apartment to them.

Due to the housing crisis, landlords have the short end of the stick at the moment and tenants are paying the price.

Having a roof over your head is not a privilege, it is a need. But hey, it’s not France-Élaine Duranceau, the minister responsible for Housing in Quebec, who seems to understand this.

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