Nuggets parade: Denver welcomes its champions

After 47 years of existence, the Denver Nuggets have finally won their first NBA championship. A large number of fans came on Thursday for the traditional parade in the city center.

It’s always a great time for fans to celebrate with their favorites. After the excitement of the victory against the Miami Heat on Monday, it seems that calm has not yet returned to Denver.

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Thousands of spectators gathered behind protective barriers to watch Nuggets members parade in fire trucks and hear rallying chants and speeches on stage. Head coach Michael Malone couldn’t hold back his tears when he spoke to reporters, having seen the Colorado Avalanche parade through these same streets a year earlier.

“Jared Bednar, the Avalanche coach, told me that [l’émotion] had also hit him during the parade. For me, celebrating with the fans means so much. It’s an incredible experience. I knew – I had no doubt even – that we would get here. […] Life is a series of moments. What we have achieved after 47 years [me rend] so happy for our players and our fans,” said Malone, continuing his tribute to the public.

“We have people who have supported us for 47 years. To these supporters, I would like to say, ‘Thank you for your patience, thank you for believing in us and thank you for enjoying this journey, this process, because we could not have achieved this without you.

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Of course, alcohol flows freely in this kind of celebration. The specialist in the matter on the side of the Nuggets seems to be Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, who had fun stalling beers with the amateurs. “KCP” also paid tribute to “Stone Cold” Steve Austin by hitting cans before emptying the contents down his throat.

Professional wrestling is visibly appreciated in the Denver locker room. Christian Braun wore the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) championship belt designed especially for the Nuggets, spitting his brew Triple H style.

The whole thing was captured in a video where we hear the theme song of the Ultimate Warrior. A recurring theme, you say?

Finals MVP Nikola Jokic appeared all smiles at the front of the bus carrying the Larry-O’Brien Trophy. The Serb contented himself with rather sober celebrations, he who is looking forward to a vacation in his native country.

Jokic also found the Bill-Russell Trophy, awarded to the playoff MVP, in time for the parade. On Wednesday, he confessed to having lost the precious object after leaving it in the equipment manager’s office.

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