Miss France: Marine Lorphelin had her crown and scarf stolen

Losing a shoe when you’re a princess is pretty classic. On the other hand, losing your scarf and your crown when you are Miss is far from trivial. In 2016, three years after her coronation, Marine Lorphelin was stolen by odious individuals while she was in a Parisian hotel. After leaving her bags and her things in the hall to stroll in the prestigious establishment, Miss France 2013 had discovered with amazement that her tiara in baptized white crystal Spring time flower made by designer Julien Dorcel and his scarf first runner-up of Miss World had been stolen.

Panicked, she told her misadventure on her Twitter account. Not ready to be defeated so far, she added with humor: “When bad luck pursues you … Does anyone have a rabbit’s foot to lend me? ” Unfortunately, many Internet users had laughed at Marine’s sad adventure.

In shock and a little disappointed, she then replied: “Thank you for your comments following the loss of these very symbolic objects. Of course there are so much more serious things. And those who laughed at the situation, I wish you never suffered theft …“before adding the hashtag #rirabien.

Fortunately, jewelry designer Julien d’Orcel quickly put an end to the fears of the former beauty queen. “Hello @MarineLorphelin, we have some good news to tell you in DM. ”he had written in the caption of a Gif representing Rihanna putting a crown on her head. Fortunately, as for the pretty Cinderella, a second crown had been kept by the jeweler who was able to send her his new tiara very quickly. “It’s like any jewelry, sometimes the crowns get damaged, stones jump, we always have a replica“he explained to the journalists of LCI.

Present during the election of Miss France 2022, Marine Lorphelin finally gave news of her missing crown. The search for the tiara and the scarf had been fruitful since the police had finally found the loot “in a trash can“. Who would have believed it ?

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