Loana tackled by her ex, Fred Cauvin: “I have doubts”

This Monday February 5, 2024, Loana was present on the set of the show Do not touch My TV presented by Cyril Hanouna and broadcast on the C8 channel. Coming to give her news, the former Loft star revealed live that she was the victim of a rape that occurred last September.
The pretty blonde said she was abused by a man she knew, after seeing him “five to six times” in the evening and in nightclubs.

After offering to come and have a drink at his place, the latter allegedly “locked the door” before attacking the 45-year-old former reality TV candidate. “It was midnight. I was where I lived before. I went out to walk my dog ​​and I met a person I knew. We had often seen each other at parties and in clubs. He asked me if I wanted to come and have a drink glass, he lived next door. Well I followed someone I thought… and he raped me for ten hours” she told the stunned columnists.

Shocked, Since this tragedy, Loana has been unable to express herself correctly. and would be prone to stuttering. “A few… a short time on foot… Talking about that is hard for me. That’s it, as soon as talking about…” she stammered, losing her words for the rest of the interview.

Loana victim of rape: her ex Fred Cauvin speaks

Following this testimony, one of Loana’s exes, Fred Cauvin, reacted and gave his opinion on the microphone of journalist and blogger Sam Zirah.“At the start of the show she speaks very well and then she starts talking in robot mode… It’s a bit strange” he says with great suspicion. “It’s complicated for you to hear but I know her by heart, I know very well that she’s an actress. I know her from A to Z. Afterwards I don’t know a health professional, I’m not a doctor but I have small doubts…” he added.

As a reminder, Loana had accused her former companion Fred Cauvin of domestic violence in September 2020. Following the media war, the two former lovers finally went to court, after the man admitted to having already slapped her during a ‘a fight . “I have no longer been in contact with her since the court ruling. I am forbidden from writing to her or speaking to her. However, she is trying to contact me through my friends and my children” he also confided to Sam Zirah.

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