Leila Ben Khalifa (Secret Story) announces her pregnancy a few days after the birth of her ex, Aymeric Bonnery’s baby

Almost 10 years after his victory at Secret Story, Leila Ben Khalifa

lives a new fairy tale. Indeed, in 2014, she was crowned winner of the show hosted by Benjamin Castaldi and left with a prize pool of 114,300 euros. Between roles as host and actress, she is now living a beautiful story with a certain Alex. A man who made her forget her ex Aymeric Bonnery, recently become a dad, whom she met through mutual friends as she reveals this Monday, December 11, 2023 in the columns of Arabian Fashion.

However, they do not become a couple right away. Particularly because of their respective agendas and their very different places of life. He lives in Miami, while Leila Ben Khalifa lives between Milan and Paris. Finally, it was four years after their first meeting that they decided to take the plunge. As soon as we started talking, we felt a strong connection. We talked about so many things and realized it was like we were talking to the male and female versions of ourselves.”she confides to our colleagues before qualifying Alex as “the man of her life”but also like “his best friend, his partner in crime, his twin and his flame”.

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Leila Ben Khalifa on cloud nine, she announces she will soon become a mother

But in a few months, it will be even more. In fact, he will become the father of their first child. Leila Ben Khalifa announced the excellent news in the same interview.I’m very lucky that the universe sent me the person I see starting a family with and spend the rest of my life. We couldn’t be happier and blessed now with our baby on the way.”she proudly revealed.

And don’t count on the winner of Secret Story to listen to advice from other parents for pregnancy and motherhood. In fact, she believes that “no one teaches us how to be a good parent, it’s something we will experience when we are blessed with a child”. Despite everything, she promises to “cherish this gift” and make sound “better to be a compassionate motherendearing, kind, protective, strong, intuitive and caring”.


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