Jesta Hillmann reveals the reason for her absence, a blood cancer discovered…

It had been several days since her subscribers were worried about her. In effect, Jesta Hillmann is used to being very active on her social networks. The former candidate of Koh Lantaand participant of Moms & famousgives news almost all the time about her daily life as a mother or about her relationship with Benoît, whom she met during her adventure in the program of TF1 moderated by Denis Brogniart.

But recently, the young mother was more and more discreet. So much so that a user wanted to hear from him this Sunday, July 23, 2023. “I hope all is well for you. It’s not in your habits”he noted before the main interested party answered him almost immediately in an Instagram story: “No, I’m not. I won’t talk about it right now and maybe not at all, because I don’t know if I will be able to. Take care of yourselves and those you love.”

Jesta Hillmann absent from social networks, she reveals the sad reason

A short answer that only increased the concern of his community. The day after her speech, the one who gave a violent rant after the passage of a tiler at her home finally enlightened her subscribers on her discomfort on Instagram. And there is no doubt that on learning the reasons for the silence of Jesta HillmannInternet users will forgive him for his absence…

Indeed, the beauty who had angered her detractors for product placement, announced terrible news on Monday, July 24. “It is with a heavy heart that I announce that my mother learned on Saturday in a brutal way that she had blood cancer”writes the young mother before specifying: “a myeloma and a lot of complications related to his cancer”.

The young mother, unable to “go into details”

The ex-adventurer did not wish “go into details” because she had none “not want” and especially not strength. “I am still in shock at this news. For the moment, she is still hospitalized and every day, we cross our fingers that her condition improves so that she can start chemotherapy”she added before concluding: “I have had a heavy heart and my mind elsewhere since Saturday.”

We wish a lot of courage to Jesta Hillmann and Benoît in this difficult ordeal and hope that she brings good news as soon as possible concerning the state of health of her mother.


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