“It’s the lady who said we had to karcherize”, Matthieu Kassovitz takes down Rachida Dati, Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine reframes it

He is an actor who, it must be said, is not the type to keep his tongue in his pocket… Once again, Mathieu Kassovitz
did not fail to say what he was thinking out loud, out loud. Invited this Monday April 1st on C à vous on France 5, the star of La Haine strongly reacted to a sequence revealed by Anne-Élisabeth Lemoine
. The 53-year-old host broadcast a video of Rachida Dati invited, the day before, to Planet Rap on Skyrock, a radio show presented by Fred Musa. Broadcast during which the Minister of Culture tried to reassure the world of hip-hop about the proposed law aimed at “professionalize teaching“of this dance, ensuring that it could be”improved“.

Before starting the video, the father of three smiled. “It’s good that she’s going Rachida Dati ” asked the journalist at the end of this short broadcast. “Twice in a row, no” Mathieu Kassovitz immediately retorted, adding: “It was especially the lady who said that the entire suburbs had to be karcherized, we must not forget that“. Enough to allow the star presenter of the public service to bounce back by reminding her that this sentence had been, basically, pronounced by Nicolas Sarkozy.

Mathieu Kassovitz passionate about hip-hop

In order to defend himself, the actor Hate wanted to clarify his remarks. Even if he admits that Rachida Dati “does what she wants, it’s her job, that’s what she’s here for“, he has a very clear opinion on this new proposed law. For Mathieu Kassovitz, this text is not okay”change a lot“.”Hip-hop dancers who teach others, they will be paid black and they will not have social security but we don’t care because we do what we love” he added. In order to justify his remarks, Mathieu Kassovitz wanted to point out that it was “40 years since he listened to this music“and she has it”built from A to Z. I am passionate” he said to conclude the debate which disconcerted Anne-Élisabeth Lemoine. The journalist probably did not think that the subject would trigger such enthusiasm and reveal a new enemy to Rachida Dati.

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