is the French economy finally restarting? Those informed about the eco of May 11

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Job offers in a temp agency on April 4, 2024. Illustrative photo (MAGALI COHEN / HANS LUCAS)

Emmanuel Cugny and Jean-Rémi Baudot receive Patrice Geoffron, member of the Circle of Economists, professor at Paris-Dauphine University; And Olivier Redoulèsdirector of studies at the Rexecode economic institute.

Wages are now increasing faster than inflation in France. According to the latest data communicated by the Ministry of Labor, the basic salary in the private sector increased by 3.3% year-on-year in the first quarter while inflation was at the same time 2.1%. Households should finally start to regain purchasing power.

Other good news, still in the first quarter: salaried employment in private companies increased by 0.2% with 50,000 jobs created. Over one year, more than 101,000 positions were created in the commercial sector.

Spring swallow or real improvement in the French economy? This comes at the right time, on the eve of the “Choose France” summit and that on work organized next week by the government.

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