Iranian strikes | Israel remains on alert, international calls for de-escalation

(Jerusalem) World leaders called for restraint on Sunday after Iran’s massive overnight drone and missile attack on Israel, in response to a strike on its consulate in Damascus that it blames , an operation which raises fears of a regional conflagration.

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This first direct attack ever carried out by the Islamic Republic against Israeli territory was “foiled”, announced Israeli army spokesperson Daniel Hagari. “The campaign is not yet over, we must remain on alert,” insisted Defense Minister Yoav Gallant.

In the process, the head of the Iranian armed forces, Mohammad Bagheri, welcomed an attack which “achieved all its objectives”. Following suit, President Ebrahim Raïssi declared that the “punishment of the aggressor has come true”, warning Israel that any “reckless” response to this attack would result in a much “stronger” military response.

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