Innu Nikamu Festival | Samantha Fox in Mani-Utenam!

Icon of the 1980s, pop singer Samantha Fox will sing in the Innu community of Mani-Utenam next summer. She will indeed perform at the Innu Nikamu Festival on August 2.

The arrival of Samantha Fox heralds a trend since the only other headliner announced to date is Bryan Adams, who also left his mark on the 1980s. He will perform at the closing of the festival, on August 4.

“What we wanted was to highlight the 40the Innu Nikamu’s birthday in a big way, says its coordinator, Normand Junior Tshirnish. This festival is very symbolic for the Innu of the North Shore and Labrador, and many indigenous people of Quebec. »


Normand Junoir Tshirnish from the Innu Nikamu music festival which is held in Uashat Mak Mani-Utenam, in April 2023.

Since the event was born in the 1980s, at the instigation of Florent Vollant, his team wishes to give the 2024 edition a “nostalgic” flavor. Hence this desire to program emblematic artists of the 1980s.

The Innu Nikamu Festival is held this year from July 30 to August 4. The full program will be revealed in the middle of April. Last year, the organization of the event advertised as far as Montreal, notably by displaying itself on a huge billboard adjacent to the Jacques-Cartier Bridge.

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