inauguration of the first electric car battery gigafactory


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This is a concrete step towards the reindustrialization of France: the first gigafactory of electric car batteries has just been inaugurated in Pas-de-Calais. The point with Mathieu Rappez, in duplex of Billy-Berclau.

The small dishes were put in the big ones in Billy-Berclau (Pas-de-Calais), where the first battery factory in France has just been opened, a sign of the reindustrialization of the country.Three ministers French, A minister German and an Italian, the boss of TotalEnergies or Carlos Tavares, the boss of Stellantis were present”affirms Mathieu Rappez, in duplex of the gigafactory.

Start of production this summer

THE site, in the heart of the mining basin historical, is the symbol of the kidneydastrIalisation of France. It is also a desire in Europe to regain a little independence vis-à-vis the Chinese manufacturers who are flooding the market”, continues the journalist. The factory will have to manufacture batteries from A to Z which will have to equip electric vehicles. It’s a complex process, very secret.”says Mathieu Rappez. There production doesn’t Again started. Eher will begin this summer in a company which will employ 2,000 people.

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