“In the management of this crisis, this government is most often late”, denounces Brice Hortefeux

“In managing this health crisis, this government is never ahead, rarely on schedule and most often late”, launched Brice Hortefeux (LR), MEP, former Minister of the Interior, and support of Valérie Pécresse for the presidential election, Monday, December 27 on franceinfo, while a new health defense council is scheduled at 4 p.m., by videoconference .

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Faced with the Omicron variant, Brice Hortefeux believes that France should have taken an example from some of its European partners: “The Netherlands have confined their 17 and a half million inhabitants since December 19”. The elected European also cites Germany which “has decided” December 21 “that all sporting events should be behind closed doors.”

“If I were in charge, I would take a decision which would be a decision of restrictions on the occasion of this end of the year”

Brice Hortefeux

to franceinfo

“I observe that in the Netherlands, they asked that the evening of the 31st, families or friends get together with a maximum of four”, added Brice Hortefeux. In the event that such a measure would be applied in France, the former minister advocates “controls” and “a call to responsibility” to enforce it.

While the average of new cases of Covid-19 in France has stood at 70,000 over the past seven days, according to Public Health France, the former Minister of the Interior is waiting “naturally” that the government take further action. “We are going to offer Parliament a vaccination pass, I personally think that this is a good thing, but that it is not enough”.

“For weeks and weeks the government has gambled everything on vaccination and the whole world knows that is not enough”

Brice Hortefeux

to franceinfo

Brice Hortefeux “‘would like France to follow the whole world and not be left out”. According to him, “we must, as Valérie Pécresse did, ask the question of postponing the reopening of classes” in September.

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