in Finland, the inauguration of the French EPR


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France Televisions

Like every day, the 11 p.m. news takes a look at the news broadcast by European television channels. It’s Eurozapping on Friday September 29.

BBC journalist saves six migrants in France. Six women, four Vietnamese and two Iraqis, choking. Stuck in a refrigerated truck, they send a short video to a BBC journalist. She will save their lives by contacting the French police. The truck was intercepted and the driver imprisoned.

A mythical tree felled in the United Kingdom

In Finland, the inauguration of the French EPR. The Olkiluoto EPR is operating at full capacity after 20 years of work and 13 years of delay. A relief. In a few months, it allowed Finland to stop importing Russian electricity, or 10% of its consumption.

The Robin Hood tree felled in Britain. It had been there for over two hundred years, along Hadrian’s Wall in the north of England. This mythical tree has just been cut down. Lovers of the place are inconsolable. An investigation is underway. A 60-year-old man has just been arrested.

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