“I was not allowed to pass by his office”

Have Christophe Dechavanne and Cyril Hanouna known each other for thirty years? as the first said on the sets of
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the last days ? In Do not touch My TVCyril Hanouna returned to the comments made by the former host of Hello, it’s us at Léa Salamé and Yann Barthès, and assured that they never spoke to each other when they were both working on Comédie; at that time, Christophe Dechavanne was host of The Big Showthe show created by Dominique Farrugia, and Cyril Hanouna was a simple intern. The latter wanted to point out after long years of silence the alleged behavior that his (new) enemy would have had with all the trainees of the channel.

“He says he has known me for thirty years. Know that I was an intern at The Big Show, he never spoke to me (…) He never spoke to me for thirty years, know it. I’m going to tell you the whole story with Christophe Dechavanne, like that, it will be done” he began, before continuing: “He was the host of La Grosse Émission, we weren’t even allowed to pass through the corridor where his office was, because it was forbidden, the trainees were not allowed to pass through Christophe Dechavanne’s corridor. It was like that. Christophe Dechavanne, I have never seen him”.

Thierry Moreau threatened and insulted by Christophe Dechavanne?

Cyril Hanouna also returned to the dispute which had opposed his former columnist Enora Malagré to Christophe Dechavanne in the early hours of TPMP. At the time, the columnist had been very vehement towards the host of The wheel of fortune, and had strongly atomized it on the TPMP set. Cyril Hanouna wanted to make unprecedented revelations behind the scenes of this conflict, which would have had an unsuspected collateral victim: Thierry Moreau, also ex-columnist of the show. “Enora was on the show, and was always telling us that he was hateful. She knew him, I don’t know where from. And for a moment, instead of attacking Enora, he attacked Thierry Moreau, who was a columnist for the show, a lot, and he didn’t stop.

Fired from APOAL manu militari

According to Cyril Hanouna, Thierry Moreau ended up fearing Christophe Dechavanne, who would have been vehement and threatening towards him : “Thierry couldn’t take it anymore. He was afraid of meeting him at Europe 1, etc. One day, I called him (…) and I said to him: What’s going on with Thierry Moreau? I told him: Stop talking, tomorrow I’m going to come see you at Europe 1. I came to see him at Europe 1, I told him what I thought of him.”. The years passed, and Christophe Dechavanne and Cyril Hanouna never saw each other again, until Take it or leave it. Dismissed from TF1 after many years spent in the closet, the host agrees to take over the game formerly hosted by Arthur, but is finally dismissed after a week. The host and producer of TPMP revealed behind the scenes of this failed collaboration, reproaching his collaborator for a lack of belly recognition.

“I chose him to host Take it or leave it on C8 (…) It’s true that each time, when I produced it for Take it or leave it, there is not an interview where he was able to thank me, or say something good about me. I’ve never seen Christophe Dechavanne say anything nice about me, it’s crazy. Every time we talked to him about me, he made a face, it looked like he had lost his whole family in a bobsleigh accident.” he concluded, before bringing in Nès, the host’s ex-fiancée, once again invited by Cyril Hanouna.

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