“I had surgery but it didn’t work”

He has already known about it for a while, like his teams, but it is only today that he is talking about it. Indeed, Frederic Lopezin an interview with the magazine New erathe group’s free supplement Nice morning to be published this Friday March 29, revealed to be suffering from otosclerosis. A pathology of genetic origin which affects the bone tissue of the inner ear as indicated by our colleagues.

“I have a progressive disease: otosclerosis”, he revealed to the daily, referring to the hearing aid visible during his filming with singer Eddy de Pretto. During the interview, the presenter of the show A Sunday in the countryside reveals that this disease appeared several years ago.

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Frédéric Lopez affected by this disease which has affected bone tissue for several years

This is when he was still presenter of the show In unknown land, in prime time, on France 2, which he learns to be affected by this disease. He tried to remedy this in 2019 as announced Nice morning through a surgical operation which did not work. And yet she was meant to be “quite simple”. “I had an operation on my right ear, except that it didn’t work. I can no longer hear anything on that side and on the other I have 50% of my faculties and tinnitus, comparable to a constant vacuum cleaner noise”he continues.

Today, this problem isolates him “dinners”. “But I’m fine with seeing others having fun.”, he laughs before mentioning the fitting that his loved ones advise him to wait for. But the host did not want to wait. Since this disease could lead to total deafness, Frederic Lopez is even considering learning sign language which would allow him to do “sorting in [ses] friends”he concluded with humor.

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