“I am dead”, the unexpected response from the creator of Miss Lorraine’s dress for Miss France 2024 to criticism

Like every year, many Internet users commented on the Miss France 2024 competition on Saturday December 16, 2023… And one thing is certain, between the fall of Miss Guadeloupe, the moving tribute to Geneviève de Fontenay or even the slip of Amandine Petit while dressed as leader of the review… Suffice to say that the Web has really been on fire this year! And among the subjects that caused the most debate among Internet users, Miss Lorraine’s outfit has continued to be mocked…

The reason ? During the first scenes during which the 30 regional misses wore folkloric outfits, Angelina Aron-Clauss appeared on stage with a white dress in the shape of a table, a quiche Lorraine in her hand… A funny nod to the gastronomy of its region which made the Internet laugh and in particular the users of X (formerly Twitter)…

“Miss Lorraine’s outfit is a joke”, “Miss Lorraine was really not respected with this outfit”, “There is a desire to cause harm”, “She is dressed like a quiche, poor thing”, “But what is this outfit?”, “They dared to wear the quiche lorraine flat suit?”, can we read in particular on the social network.

An original outfit which nevertheless seemed to please the young woman, judging by the broad smile she displayed!

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The designer of the table dress speaks

Faced with the enthusiasm generated by his piece on the Web, the creator of Miss Lorraine’s dress spoke on X during the broadcast of the competition. Indeed, the latter reacted to a tweet suggesting that Angéline Aron-Clauss looked like “to a Gouda sample seller in a Super U”.

“I’m the creator and it’s really funny! I’m dead”, wrote Mael Charton. A message full of self-deprecation which proves that the young man has a sense of humor!


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