Here is a great cause that uses technology in its fundraising campaign

It’s been a long time since I’ve had any cash on me. A habit increasingly shared by millions of consumers who only use electronic payments. The other side of the coin is that small cash donations are becoming rarer.

As part of its 20th anniversary, the Dr Clown Foundation is launching a fun and innovative fundraising campaign, using “connected noses” that allow donations to be made via Google Pay and Apple Pay. A first !

Thanks to NFC technology (near field communication* or near-field-communication), when the phone approaches the connected nose, a microsite opens and allows you to instantly donate 2 dollars. A new way to update and democratize the gesture of giving. About this NFC technology, this chip has already been fitted to millions of smart phones for several years.

More than 5,000 Dr Clown noses will be available free of charge from October 21, in around fifty distribution points in the greater metropolitan area. An ideal last minute Halloween costume for busy parents.

Here is a great cause that uses technology in its fundraising campaign

The TAPEZ-DONNEZ campaign was designed and produced by the Sid Lee agency.

To learn more about the Dr Clown Foundation, go to:

Fundraising campaign sites:

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And here to see the two videos on YouTube:

* Technique that allows various consumer electronic devices to easily exchange small amounts of data with each other or with a contactless smart card by producing a weak magnetic field that makes it possible to establish a handshake wireless with a short range that sometimes does not exceed a few centimeters.

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