Here are the details of the federal dental care plan for seniors

The federal dental care program, already accessible to children under 18, will be gradually extended to low-income Quebecers and Canadians over 65, the Trudeau government announced Monday.

Sun Life dental insurance bills will be partially or fully reimbursed by federal funds based on applicants’ income.

Letters will be sent to eligible individuals.

“Seniors who receive a letter of invitation will be able to call Service Canada to apply for membership and will only have to answer a few questions,” declared Monday the Minister of Public Services and Procurement, Jean -Yves Duclos.

An online application portal is also planned by May.

Those admitted must not already have dental insurance and be Canadian residents.

  • Listen to the interview with Dr. Carl Tremblay, president of the Association of Dental Surgeons of Quebec ACDQ via QUB radio:
Dental services covered

• Preventive services, including scaling (cleaning), polishing, sealants and fluoride

• Diagnostic services, including exams and x-rays

• Restorative services, including fillings

• Endodontic services, including root canal treatments

• Prosthodontic services, including removable complete and partial dentures

• Periodontal services, including deep scaling

• Oral surgery services, including extractions

Total reimbursed based on adjusted family net income

$70,000 and less: 100%

Between $70,000 and $80,000: 60%

Between $80,000 and $90,000: 40%

Dates from which applications will be accepted

People aged 87 and over: December 2023

People aged 77 to 86: January 2024

People aged 72 to 76: February 2024

People aged 70 to 71: March 2024

People aged 65 to 69: May 2024

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