Grants paid automatically, generalization of AI at the service of users… Gabriel Attal’s announcements for administrative simplification

The Prime Minister formalized several new features on Tuesday morning in order to simplify certain administrative procedures, whether in public services, taxation, the environment or even education.



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Artificial intelligence will be used this year to help users with tax returns.  (Illustrative photo).  (VINCENT VOEGTLIN / MAXPPP)

At the start of the school year in September, school grants will be paid automatically to the 1.5 million beneficiaries without them having to fill out any forms, franceinfo learned from Gabriel Attal’s entourage. The Prime Minister made it official on Tuesday April 23 during a trip to a France services house in Sceaux, in Hauts-de-Seine.

He confirmed the launch of Albert, a “100% sovereign artificial intelligence” in the field of public services. It will allow “simpler procedures, faster turnarounds, more secure responses and more effective policies”. The objective is to “putting people back at the heart of our public services”affirms the Prime Minister, who assures that artificial intelligence and humans are “highly compatible”thanks to task sharing: “It’s up to AI for repetitive tasks, to our agents for relationships”. Thus, according to him, civil servants will be able to devote more “user time”.

Save “time and money”

In the field of taxation, Gabriel Attal highlighted advances made thanks to artificial intelligence, particularly in the fight against tax fraud. The AI ​​detected “140,000 cases of fraud and recovered 40 million euros”, he announced. It will also be used during the income declaration period, to “pre-write responses to the 16 million annual online requests”specifying however that “each response will remain validated and modified by an agent, but the analysis of the legislation will be automated”. Here again, with the objective, according to the Prime Minister, “to make the agent’s work less painful and more interesting”.

In the field of the environment, the government will rely on AI to more quickly examine environmental projects, particularly those near “4,000 environmental projects presented in the Dreal” every year. THE “several hundred or even thousands of pages” will be “pre-analysed” by an AI, with the aim of saving “time and money and accelerate the ecological transition”, thanks to the shortening of deadlines. This concerns in particular “wind projects” Or “urban development” of which “the instruction is very long”.

A simplification of procedures

Finally, in education another AI, named “Aristotle” will be launched “from the next school year”. It will offer quizzes and assessments adapted for students, in order to “to improve their bachelor’s degree success rate”. It will also make lesson times accessible to students with disabilities, thanks to subtitles generated by AI.

During his speech, the Prime Minister also promised “less paperwork” in all administrative procedures, particularly in “key moments” of life, such as children’s schooling or deaths. He thus launched a “France simplification” system to resolve the most complex administrative situations.

300 new houses France services

Gabriel Attal must also formalize an increase in the number of France services houses. Matignon promises 300 locations by 2027, mainly in medium-sized towns. Currently, there are 2,700 structures of this type, which bring together different public services in one place.

The government is not finished with administrative simplification. A bill for businesses will be presented to the Council of Ministers on Wednesday.

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