German magazine condemned for fake interview with Michael Schumacher generated by artificial intelligence

The family of ex-Formula 1 driver Michael Schumacher won their case against the German magazine Actual who had published a false interview with the athlete, generated by artificial intelligence (AI), a spokesperson confirmed on Thursday.

In April 2023, the magazine Actual boasted of having obtained an interview with Michael Schumacher, the first since his skiing accident and serious head trauma at the end of 2013 in the French Alps.

Specialized in information people and belonging to the German group Funke, the magazine published the interview and then revealed that it had been generated by artificial intelligence.

“We have won the case and will not make any further comments,” said Sabine Kehm, spokesperson for the family of the legendary German pilot, in an email to AFP.

The German tabloid Bild reported Thursday that the family had received 200,000 euros in damages, an amount that the family spokesperson did not confirm.

Following this article, the magazine’s publisher publicly apologized to Schumacher and his family. Anne Hoffmann, editor-in-chief of Actualhad been fired.

Schumacher’s family is protecting the privacy of the 55-year-old former champion who has not been seen in public since his accident. Almost no information has leaked since regarding his state of health.

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