franceinfo junior. Europe explained to children by the former President of the Republic François Hollande

Former President of the Republic François Hollande is the guest of the franceinfo junior editorial team, on the occasion of the release of his book “Their Europe, explained to young and old”.



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In just over two months, the French are called to vote in the European elections to elect MEPs. The European Union, we talk about it in franceinfo junior with François Hollande, former President of the Republic. An illustrated book is released on Wednesday April 3 Their Europe, explained to young and old (Glénat Jeunesse editions). In this show, he answers questions from CM1 students at the Louise Michel school in Vigneux-sur-Seine in the Paris region.

“For you, if you have to explain, what would the European Union represent?” asks Rita to open this program under the sign of Europe.

The children also have questions about the role of the meetings which bring together European leaders. Asma wants, for example, to know where they take place? “When you spoke with the other presidents of Europe, did you hide secrets from each other, like the secrets of the Third World War?” , asks Kwamé in turn. Asma, again, wonders how these leaders understand each other, despite their different languages.

The students also look back on the passage of François Hollande to the post of President of the Republic. “Did you receive criticism when you were president that you didn’t like?” continues Safia. “Do you prefer your life now or when you were president?” asks Isleym to end the broadcast.

On this page, listen to this Franceinfo junior program in full with the children’s questions and the answers from former President François Hollande.

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