Evelyne Dhéliat with long hair: sublime photo of the past of the weather presenter

Evelyne Dhéliat is once again honored in TV 7 Days. In its edition of August 1, 2022, the magazine devoted its front page to him as well as an interview. The opportunity to find the charming 74-year-old blonde still smiling, with her legendary short haircut. But the one who talks about rain and good weather on TF1 has not always had this hair style.

During his interview for TV 7 Days, Evelyne Dhéliat remembered her beginnings in 1968. At the time, she was preparing a degree in English at the University of Censier, in Paris. And to earn extra money, she also did modeling. “One day, I answered a classified ad from the ORTF, which was looking for someone to present programs in English at a conference bringing together various European TV channels. I had never done that in my life. After that, I went back to my studies. The ORTF then called me back for the animation of a school program, then for replacements of the speakerines. I was working freelance. I learned the trade on the job and live. It was very formative. In 1971, Pierre Sabbagh, head of the ORTF offered me a contract. My CDI turned 50 last year“, remembered the Miss Weather who suffered from cancer in the past.

Although she has received proposals from other channels, Evelyne Dhéliat has always remained faithful to the first channel. She is also part of the family TV 7 days since for more than fifty years, readers have been able to see it on the front page of the magazine. “I am very moved every time you invite me to cover your magazine. My first cover was in 1968. I had long hair… A few years later, there was another on which I wore a Paco Rabanne headdress. So much memories“, she said.

In the past, Evelyne Dhéliat indeed had long hair. A photo of her at the age of 18 is also available on social networks. On the black and white shot, we can see her with long, smooth hair, parted on the side. And it’s hard to recognize it.

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