Euro 2024 | Qualified teams may have 23 to 26 players.

(Paris) The UEFA Executive Committee has authorized the 24 teams qualified for Euro 2024 to draw up lists of between 23 and 26 players, we learned on Friday from a source close to the matter.

All players will be able to be included on the match sheet, unlike Euro 2021, the first international competition with expanded lists due to the COVID-19 pandemic, during which three of the 26 players called up had to remain in the stands, indicated the same source.

This decision follows the recommendation of the UEFA competitions committee, chaired by the head of the French Football Federation Philippe Diallo.

Questioned by AFP before the decision of the European Confederation, the coach of the France team Didier Deschamps weighed the pros and cons of such a measure, while indicating that he would adapt to it.

“If I take 26 players, it’s because I think it’s useful for the France team. Adapting is my watchword. So I will adapt to the decisions made and other parameters. I am not anti 24, 25 or 26 players,” explained the technician.

“Statistics show that on average, in a major competition, four players do not play at all and two or three play ten minutes, maximum. This is an average for all national teams, not just France. Going to 26 just to fill boxes doesn’t interest me. I am also not going to be smart and take 23 players and then find myself in difficulty because I will not have taken enough,” Deschamps added.

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