Dominique Strauss-Kahn reappears to launch an appeal for help live from Morocco

On September 9, Morocco was hit by a powerful earthquake of magnitude 7. According to the latest report, 2,900 people lost their lives and more than 5,500 inhabitants of the country were injured. Faced with the dramatic situation, many personalities such as Jamel Debbouze, Gad Elmaleh and Arthur, rushed to take measures to help populations in distress.

Retired from political life for several years, Dominique Strauss-Kahn lives in Marrakech (Morocco) with Myriam L’Aouffir, his wife since 2017. President of an association fighting against childhood violence, the former minister of the economy was questioned by BFMTV journalists on the primary needs of Moroccan inhabitants: “First of all there are blankets because it is cold at night, there are food problems obviously and there are problems that affect for medical care. So we are sending mattresses, water, food, oil, wheat… everything necessary for these people who have nothing left,” he said.

“The problem is…”
The one who was president of the IMF then made a small clarification: “I was not there during the earthquake a few days ago in Morocco, but I experienced the Agadir earthquake when I was young and I have very present memories. The needs are immediate, they are very powerful”.

Dominique Strauss-Kahn then explained what poses a problem in helping isolated villages: “the problem is precisely the coordination. The French community in Morocco behaved extremely remarkably, very mobilized. But then, any individual initiative taken together creates a bit of a mess. So it is necessary that the authorities regulate a bit of all that” he explained.

In reality, there needs to be coordination and there needs to be be close to the needs Population. We cannot invent them ourselves. Go there, ask them what they need and provide it.” he concluded.

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