despite the mobilization of the unions, Emmanuel Macron is keen on his reform


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G. de Florival, N. Ramahérison, S. Agrabi, G. Pinol, A. Bouville, O. Sauvayre – franceinfo

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While many French people marched on Thursday, September 29 against the pension reform planned by Emmanuel Macron, the President of the Republic does not intend to back down and wants to push back the retirement age to 65.

No question of backing down: for Emmanuel Macron, it will be necessary to work longer. The government wants to push the retirement age slider from 62 to 65 by 2031. Unacceptable for the unions, who called for a rally across France on Thursday, September 29. In Paris, the question of pensions was on everyone’s mind. For many protesters, 65 is no. The boss of the CGT, Philippe Martinez, denounced a lack of dialogue with the government.

In detail, the generations born from 1966 would be affected by this reform. billion additional euros in ten years. For a young IT developer, retiring later is not a problem. But some believe that this decline in the starting age cannot apply to all trades, especially manual ones. Emmanuel Macron wants the pension reform to be implemented next summer.

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