Confidential documents found at his home | Biden questioned in investigation

(Washington) Joe Biden was questioned as part of the investigation into a series of confidential official documents found in a former office as well as in his family home, the White House said Monday.

The interrogation, described as “voluntary”, took place on Sunday and Monday according to the American executive, which indicates that “the president and the White House are cooperating” with the investigation, led by a special prosecutor.

At the end of 2022, a series of confidential documents, the exact number and content of which remain unknown, were found either in an office occupied by Joe Biden in a Washington think tank, or in his house in Wilmington, Delaware (east). ).

These documents date back to the Democrat’s vice-presidency (2009-2017) and his three decades in the Senate, during which he was heavily involved in foreign policy.

These discoveries have plunged the White House into embarrassment because, despite numerous differences, they evoke a case of official archives taken in large numbers to Florida by former Republican President Donald Trump.

United States law requires presidents and vice presidents to transfer all of their official documents, communications, and other records to the National Archives.

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