“Breast tumor”, this surgeon lied to Noémie, reality TV candidate, known for having participated in the “JLC Family” and “The battle of the clans”

In recent weeks, countless media have denounced the excesses of cosmetic surgery operations so much promoted by certain influencers on social networks. To date, thousands of complexed people have succumbed to the appeal of the scalpel to have plastic similar to that of reality TV stars… Even if it means putting themselves in danger!

Noémie Mabelleh who distinguished herself in the hit show “JLC Family” agreed to talk about his experience on the set of Do not touch My TV Monday, February 6, 2023. Wanting to afford a dream figure, the pretty brunette did not hesitate to reshape it by offering the services of a surgeon. But nothing went as planned. “You, you made a BBL […]”underlined Cyril Hanouna. “Yes, that’s pretty much it”, confirmed the star. “To tell you the truth, when I got into reality TV, I got a lot of bad comments on Twitter because I’m a size 40. […]. I was asked for a partnership to do a BBL. But I wanted to do liposuction more.

“I saw that my breast had doubled in size…”

Hesitating for a time, the influencer ended up being convinced… But she quickly regretted her choice: “At the time of the liposuction, I had breast implants long before. He touched my mammary gland. When I woke up, I saw that my breast had doubled in size… I called them, they told me said: ‘No, but it’s normal. It’s post-operative’.

But as the hours passed, his condition worsened. After carrying out a series of examinations with his surgeon, the diagnosis falls: “They did a mammogram and from there the surgeon said to me, ‘I think you have a tumor in your breast. There must be lymph nodes.’ But in reality, the doctor did not hesitate to lie to him to clear himself of a blunder during his operation. “With the cannula, he had touched my mammary gland and suddenly there was a hemorrhage in my breast”, analyzed Noémie Mabelleuh. Revelations that send shivers down your spine…


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