Bar investigation against “Megan Lalonde”: beware of this fake lawyer online

After receiving several complaints from the public, the Quebec Bar opened an investigation into a fake lawyer who allegedly defrauded “clients” by collecting their money before disappearing from social networks.

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“I confirm to you that we are investigating Megan Lalonde who is not registered in the Bar directory and who is therefore not a lawyer”, mentions in Newspaper Hélène Bisson, director of communications for the Barreau du Québec.

Examples of videos posted on his Instagram page:

Megan Lalonde, 24, offers her bogus services on TikTok or Instagram by pretending to be a lawyer. The Quebecer presents herself online with highly retouched photos and uses filters to modify her face, according to our information. She ironically describes herself as “Quebec’s favorite fake real lawyer.”

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“The investigation was opened for illegal practice of the legal profession,” specifies Bisson, who cannot reveal further details on this matter due to the ongoing process.

Megan Lalonde used, among other things, this modified photo to present herself as a “lawyer” on Instagram.

Photo taken from the Instagram account Meg_Lalo

Several complaints already

The Quebec Bar indicates that it has received numerous complaints about this alleged fraudster.

Instagram account of “Megan Lalonde”

Screenshot of Meg_Lalo’s Instagram account

“We invite anyone to call the police if you are a victim of fraud and to contact the Bar if you are the victim of a fake lawyer. If you want to verify the identity of a lawyer, check on our site or call us,” suggests Hélène Bisson, of the Barreau du Québec.

Note that this scandal first broke out on TikTok yesterday. Me Chanel Alepin, from the Alepin Gauthier Avocats firm, published a video where she warns against the so-called lawyer.

Footage posted on his Instagram this week in relation to the scandal:

THE Newspaper also spoke on Thursday with two victims of Megan Lalonde. Its modus operandi would always be the same: it first asks customers for a deposit and then disappears from the Web with their money without providing any service.

“I got a speeding ticket. She told me she could help me if I sent a $200 deposit, but she blocked me from all the platforms after I sent my transfer,” explains a resident of Terrebonne, who refuses to publicly reveal his name for fear of reprisals.

She denies everything

In an interview with our representative on Thursday, Megan Lalonde said her last name is no longer “Lalonde”. Note that the Quebecer still presented herself like this, on the Web, the day before our call.

Another modified portrait of Megan Lalonde, a 24-year-old fake lawyer.

Photo taken from the Instagram account Meg_Lalo

So what is his true identity? “I wouldn’t give you my last name with everything that’s going on, but my first name is Megan and yes I’m a lawyer,” the woman who deleted her TikTok page on Wednesday claims on the phone.

She then refused to show factual proof that she is indeed a member of the Quebec Bar. The 24-year-old woman, however, assures that she has never defrauded anyone. Note that the said “lawyer” also published videos and photos of the courtrooms where she was on Instagram, which is illegal.

Hélène Bisson, director of communications for the Barreau du Québec, emphasizes that there is not really a valid reason for one of its members to refuse to reveal their full name… “Unless they are not a lawyer,” she says.

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